Aqua Puffle
Handbook Aqua Puffle page

Available No
Appeared Flippr Launch 2015
Attitude Hyper, intelligent, observant
Favorite toys Pool, Big Wave
Play action Unknown
Dance Unknown
Tongue color Unknown
Speed Unknown
Special features Unknown
Elite Puffle Items Unknown
Favorite Games Water Balloon Toss
ID Unknown

The Aqua Puffle is a puffle that was released at the Puffle Party 2015. They are able to control water. They are the 8th Flippr-exclusive Puffle.

Trivia Edit

  • You will be able to transform into an Aqua Puffle during Puffle Party 2015.
  • They were the last puffles confirmed before Flippr released in 2015.
  • Unlike other new puffles, the Aqua Puffle wasn't adoptable at launch, but then became adoptable after the Puffle Party 2015.
  • They are extra fluffy!