Where Dojo Courtyard
Opened February 14, 2014
Renovated Flippr Launch 2015
Mini-Games Card-Jitsu
Room ID 320
Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout

The Dojo is where you play Card-Jitsu. You start Card-Jitsu by speaking to Sensei. From the Dojo you can go into the other four element's dojos. Here you answer a riddle Sensei gives you and obtain the Ninja Mask.

History Edit

This room was only updated when the Ninja Party 2014 except the current version is a lot customized. Before this update, the Dojo used to have the same layout as Club Penguin but Flippr needed to incorporate the Shadow Dojo. However, the Dojo didn't always have challenging aspects, in the Ninja Party 2014, you had to answer a riddle in each element's Dojo to get a mask and other goodies.