Flippr Style (formerly Penguin Style) is Flippr's monthly clothing catalog. It can be found in the Clothes Shop by clicking the icon in the right hand corner of the screen. The catalog is updated with a new issue the first week of every month. The items in the catalog always contain a hint to what the party in that month will be. The issues include items from Club Penguin and some Flippr exclusive items. Commonly, the month on the cover will be a month earlier.


February 2014Edit

This issue included items themed for the Adventure Party: Journey to Rockhopper Island. It also included classy items and the reveal for March 2014's mascot, Rockhopper.

March 2014Edit

This issue included items for The Great Storm Expedition. It also included disguise items and the reveal for April 2014's mascot, Rookie.

July 2015Edit

This issue had puffle-themed items for the Puffle Party 2015

May 2016 Edit

This issue of the Flippr Style was made for the Flippr Launch 2016 party. It had random items without a real theme.


  • Each issue includes a fashion tips page from Dot.