The Flippr Wiki aims to create a large database for all there is to know about the Club Penguin CPPS, Flippr.

Pre-Flippr — Flippr 2014

The Flippr Wiki was founded by Phineas99cp on January 31, 2014‎. He promoted Flippr's founder and owner, SandorL to administrator, who was then later promoted to bureaucrat. The wiki ran while Flippr was open with lots of editors, and many pages being created to document the life of Flippr. When Flippr closed, the wiki became inactive.

Flippr 2015 — present

When Flippr reopened, Sandor tried to get the wiki to become more active by giving anyone making 5 mainspace edits access to Lake Wikia. On May 12, 2015, Sandor promoted Spydar007 and AngryCP to administrator, and shortly afterwards he demoted the administrators left behind from the wiki before Flippr closed down.

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