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Discussion Moderators (or Thread Moderators, previously known as Forum Moderators) manage the Flippr Wiki forums. They have access to additional abilities on the forums and message walls. They also have chat moderator access.

Discussion Moderator abilities

Full List of Rights (Advanced)
  • Can archive wall posts (wallarchive)
  • Can delete article comments (commentdelete)
  • Can edit article comments (commentedit)
  • Can edit wall posts (walledit)
  • Can kick/ban users from Chat (chatmoderator)
  • Can move article comments (commentmove)
  • Can move wall messages (wallmessagemove)
  • Can notify everyone about a Forum thread (notifyeveryone)
  • Can remove wall threads (wallremove)
  • Delete comments on blog articles (blog-comments-delete)
  • Has admin access to the forums (forumadmin)
  • Remove group from own account: Discussion Moderators

Our Discussion Moderators

All Administrators have access to Discussion Moderators' tools, but are not listed here.
All Discussion Moderators have Cog Icon after their username on forum threads.

There are currently no Discussion Moderators on the Flippr Wiki.

Previous Discussion Moderators

For a list of previous Discussion Moderators, and their promotion and demotion dates, please see our list of Discussion moderators.

Becoming an Discussion Moderator

To become an Discussion Moderator, please create a Request for Discussion Moderator.