Mascots are famous, meetable characters on Flippr. Most characters come from Club Penguin, but not all mascots come from there. Mascots are almost exclusively penguins. Every mascot has a unique background and playercard. The playercard can only be obtained by them, and it is what enables them to give away their background. When you meet a mascot, you will get a stamp.

List of MascotsEdit

Sprite Artwork Name Description Most Recent Giveaway
Aa sprite Aa art Aunt Arctic Head of the local newspaper, the Flippr Times. She leads a double life as head of the island's Elite Penguin Force. Aunt Arctic's Opening Gift
C sprite Cadence Cadence Owner of the Dance Club, local pop star. She owns a purple puffle name Lolz, and runs musical related parties. Cadence's Opening Gift
MS4 Director The Director Head of the Elite Penguin Force. Director's Opening Gift
D sprite SandorL Dot 2015 A Dot Owner of the Clothes Shop, local fashionista. She is also a head agent at the Elite Penguin Force. Dot's Opening Gift
MS17 The Hero Gamma Gal Superheroine. Helped stop Melsmonst and Squidzoid from causing havoc around the island with her partner Shadow Guy. Gamma Gal's Opening Gift
G sprite Gary Gary Owner of the Sport Shop, genius inventor. He is also one of the head technology agents for the Elite Penguin Force. Gary's Opening Gift
MS6 Garianna Garianna Originally from medieval times, Gary's ancestor Garianna occasionally visits Flippr Island via time travel. Garianna's Opening Gift
Ifgmg Gariwald VIII - Halloween Party 2014 Gariwald He has the ability to transform back and forth from a penguin to a ghost. Gariwald's Opening Gift
MS8 The Gary Child Garemy Gary's son constantly helps his father with new inventions. Garemy's Opening Gift
Jpg sprite JetPackGuy Jet Pack Guy Local aviation enthusiast, never seen without his jet pack. Also part of the Elite Penguin Force. Jet Pack Guy's Opening Gift
MerryWalrusIG MerryWarlus Merry Walrus The spirit of holidays! Visits on special occasions during the year, like Easter or Christmas. Merry Walrus' Opening Gift
Ph sprite PH Official Paige Owner of the Pet Shop and Puffle Care Center, loves and has discovered all puffles. Trains certain puffles for missions for the Elite Penguin Force. Paige's Opening Gift
MS11 Da band The Penguin Band Lovers of music, composed of Franky, G Billy, Stompin' Bob, and Petey K. The Penguin Band's Opening Gift
Rh sprite Rockhopper Rockhopper Pirate who does not live on the island. He sails across the ocean in The Migrator with his pet puffle Yarr. Rockhopper's Opening Gift
R sprite Rookie Rookie Bumbling Elite Penguin Force agent who often causes trouble by accident. In EPF events, his partner is Jet Pack Guy. Rookie's Opening Gift
Ro sprite SandorL Rory 2015 A Rory Local construction head, secret agent for the EPF. He is engaged to Paige. Rory's Opening Gift
Creature SasquatchFlippr Sasquatch Strange fluffy creature who lives on Flippr Island. He was trapped in a cave for many years by an unknown puffle. Sasquatch's Opening Gift
S sprite Sensei Sensei Head of all ninjas and master of the elements. He built the Dojo and founded Card-Jitsu. Sensei's Opening Gift
Shadow Guy Sprite Shadow guy Shadow Guy Superhero. Helped stop Melsmonst and Squidzoid from causing havoc around the island with his partner Gamma Gal. Shadow Guy's Opening Gift
Sasquatchette In-Game
Squatchette Art Squatchette Strange fluffy creature. She is no longer a mascot. Squatchette's Opening Gift
MS16 Tourdude Tourdude The guide of the Island. He will show you around Flippr. Tourdude's Opening Gift
Sandor2018 *Sandor Former Owner, designer, and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Flippr. Although he gives away a background, he is not a character in the storyline of the game. Sandor's Gift (April 2014)
Varies *Staff People who work for Flippr. They enforce the rules to players and help out. Moderators' Gift

Asterisks indicated staff member.

Villain MascotsEdit

Sprite Artwork Name Description Most Recent Giveaway
Herbert Sprite Herbert Herbert P. Bear Polar bear who was deserted on the island by an iceberg. He befriended Klutzy and despises the Elite Penguin Force. Herbert's Opening Gift
Klutzy Sprite Klutzy YAY Klutzy Regular Flippr crab, accomplice of Herbert. Never appears on the island when Herbert is not also online. Klutzy's Clickety Click Clack
Protobot's sprite Protosprite Protobot Evil robot constructed by the Test Bots. He is currently not able to execute any attacks, as he is in an inexplicable weakened state. Although they built him, the Test Bots are his servants. UP10K's Opening Gift
Wheelbot Test Bots Wheel Bot First test bot. Escaped from PSA HQ and lived rogue in the wilderness. It was later joined by the other test bots. Test Bot Opening Gift
Jetbot Test Bots Jet Bot Second test bot. Escaped from Gary's Lab and flew off into the wilderness, where is discovered and joined the Wheel Bot. Test Bot Opening Gift
Skibot Test Bots Snow Bot Third test bot. Escaped from the Gadget Room and skiied into the wilderness, where it discovered and joined the other two test bots. Test Bot Opening Gift
FlipprTusk TuskFlipprAW Tusk Evil walrus who was originally friends with Sensei. He betrayed Sensei to study the dark side of the elements. Tusk's Opening Gift

Puffle MascotsEdit

Sprite Artwork Name Description Most Recent Giveaway
YarrSmiling Yarr Rockhopper's pet puffle. Like all red puffle he is adventurous. He is only ever seen with Rockhopper N/A
Glitterpants sprite Glitterpants Glitterpants Yellow unicorn puffle. Was once a normal yellow puffle before he wandered into Garianna's home and fell into her spell pot. Glitterpant's Opening Gift

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