PH Official

Full Name Paige Worker
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position Puffle Handler
Appeared Flippr Launch 2015
Color Brown
Clothes Items Paige's Ensemble
Related To Rory (husband)
Friends With Anyone who adds her
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced / Played By Staff

Paige (also known as Paige Worker or PH) is a Mascot on Flippr. Owner of the Pet Shop, Puffle Hotel, and Puffle Park, Paige is the head honcho for all things puffley! She's also known by her agent name, PH. She's constantly out discovering new puffle species, like Silver or Magic puffles!


  • Full Name: Paige Worker
  • Favorite Room: Pet Shop
  • Favorite Party: Puffle Party
  • Fun Fact: Paige is married to Rory.
  • Rumor: Paige may know the location of up to 10 new puffle species.


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