The Penguin Band
Da band

Full Name The Penguin Band
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Band
Appeared Stage
Color Yellow, Blue, Red, Green
Clothes Items None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Can't add
Meetable Character? No
Voiced / Played By None

The Penguin Band are a group of Mascots on Flippr. Composed of Franky, G Billy, Stompin' Bob, and Petey K, the Penguin Band is the instrumental sensation of Flippr Island. They aren't meetable on the island, but sometimes you can see them performing at parties or the Stage.


  • Full Name: The Penguin Band
  • Favorite Place: Stage
  • Favorite Party: Music Jam
  • Fun Fact: The Penguin Band frequently performs with Cadence.
  • Rumor: One of the band members is a robot...

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