Where Eastern Flippr Island
Opened February 14th, 2014
Renovated Flippr Launch 2015
Closed Still Open
Mini-Games None
Room ID 300
Pet Shop, Puffle Hotel Lobby, Stage, Pizza Parlor, Snow Center, Puffle Park, Cave, Forest

The Plaza is a main center room of Flippr. Here you can access the Pet Shop, Puffle Hotel Lobby, The Stage, the Cave, Pizza Parlor, Puffle ParkSnow Center and the Forest, being the room with the biggest number of other visitable rooms. It is also always decorated for parties.

Before Flippr AS3 Beta, it didn't have an entrance to the Puffle Park, and had a different sidewalk. Even after Club Penguin's Stage was removed, Flippr kept it, problably because there is already a Mall in the Snow Center.


Graphical DesignsEdit


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