A Puffle is a pet that can be owned by penguins. They were originally found by Rockhopper. There are different types of Puffles such as different colors and species. They are the only type of pet that a Penguin can own.

Puffle Colors Edit

Club Penguin Puffles: Edit

Blue, Pink, Black, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, White, Orange, Brown, Rainbow, Gold.

Flippr Exclusive Puffles: Edit

Magenta, Silver, Jungle, Ice, Magic, Lucky, Spectrum, Aqua, Barky Dog, Oreo Cat, Ninja Puffle.

Species of Puffles Edit


Operation Puffle Post Game Interface Puffe Image Green

A green puffle.
Official Name Puffles
Appeared Launch
Status Adoptable as pets
Sub-group of Nothing

Ghost Puffle: A Puffle can turn into this.

Blue Crystal Puffle: Only a Blue Puffle and Ice Puffle can turn into these.

Dinosaur Puffles: All normal Club Penguin Puffles can turn into this when equipped

Unicorn: Glitterpants

Silver Puffle
Grey Puffle
Hot Pink Puffle

A Magenta Puffle


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