Full Name Rockhopper
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Pirate captain
Appeared Adventure Party: Journey to Rockhopper Island
Color Red
Clothes Items Rockhopper's Ensemble, Yarr (sometimes)
Related To  ?
Friends With Yarr (pet puffle)

Anyone who adds him

Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced/ Played By Staff

Rockhopper (also known as Captain Rockhopper) is a Mascot on Flippr. A seasonal resident of Flippr Island, Rockhopper is the greatest pirate to sail the seven seas! He brought Red, Jungle, and Aqua Puffles to Flippr Island after they went into hiding hundreds of years ago. He also loves stinky cheese. He has a pet puffle called Yarr who he adores and takes him everywhere with him.


Full Name: Captain Rockhopper

Favorite Room: The Migrator

Favorite Party: Hoilday Party

Fun Fact: Rockhopper loves his Red Puffle, Yarr, like a son.

Rumor: Rockhopper does not live alone on his island...