The Founder

Full Name Sandor
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Founder, Owner, Mascot
Appeared 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018
Color Light Blue
Clothes Items Sandor's April Ensemble
Friends With Anyone who adds him
Meetable Character? Yes

Sandor is the founder of Flippr. He was an owner and mascot for Flippr 2014-2015. He was not associated with Flippr 2016, and returned only as a mascot "to prevent imitators".[1] He returns as owner and mascot for Flippr 2018. He is meetable with his latest regular giveway.


Sandor writes the Flippr Times, designs rooms and parties, designs catalogs and items, creates playercards and giveaways for mascots, and handles day-to-day CPPS operations. Along with the other staff, he creates the canon of the game, deciding and writing the story line.


  • He sometimes walks Rockhopper's puffle, Yarr, or Paige's puffle, Pete.
  • On his Winter Ensemble he wears Blue on his playercard, but in-game he is Arctic White.
  • His Wikia account is SandorL.​
  • He has guest-designed for many other CPPSs, such as SuperCPPS and CPReborn.




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