Full Name Sasquatch
Species Sasquatch
Gender Male
Position Friendly creature
Appeared  ???
Color Brown
Clothes Items Sasquatch's Ensemble
Related To Unknown
Friends With Anyone who adds him
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced / Played By Staff

Sasquatch is a mascot on Flippr. An ancient creature who recently arose from his ice age induced slumber, Sasquatch is a regular guy just like you and me! Sasquatch is several tons heavier and much fluffier than any other creature on Flippr Island. Don't worry though, he doesn't bite!


Full Name: Unknown

Backstory: Sasquatch was frozen in a block of ice thousands of years ago. He recently thawed out, and now he loves chilling with penguins and puffles!

Trivia Edit

  • Sasquatch's hat would seem to be the beta hat from the original Beta Party in Club Penguin.
  • A Sasquatch costume appeared in a catalog during Puffle Party 2015 as a Flippr-exclusive item.
  • A female version of Sasquatch, named Squatchette, will be revealed as a mascot at the Flippr Launch Party 2015.


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