Shadow Dojo

Where Ninja Hideout
Opened August 24, 2014
Renovated Flippr Launch 2015
Mini-Games Card-Jitsu Shadow
Room ID 1204
Ninja Hideout

The Shadow Dojo is where you can train in Card-Jitsu Shadow by battling Tusk and answering a riddle to get your Shadow Suit. It's the final dojo to access after getting all the suits at the other dojo's. The room is currently unavailable.


  • Users can obtain the Shadow Amulet, by clicking the ninja statue's amulet, on the left side of the dojo.

History Edit

The Shadow Dojo was made for the Ninja Party 2014 which was a massive success due to the different way to get the suits and the final boss battle, Tusk. In this room, the players had the chance to be in Tusk's side or Sensei's side. If the Light Side, which is Sensei's side, won, you get a congratulations message from him and then, you have to answer a riddle. After the riddle, you had to click on your suits and get them before the Dojo resets and Sensei and Tusk have another battle.