Ski Hill
Flippr Launch 2018 Ski Hill

Where Ski Village
Opened Flippr 2014
Renovated Flippr 2015
Flippr 2018
Mini-Games Sled Racing
Room ID 230
Ski Village

Ski Hill (also known as the The Mountain) is a central and permanent location on Flippr. The room has existed in every iteration of Flippr. It is very similar to its Club Penguin counterpart. Sled Racing can be played here.

Renovation HistoryEdit

  • February 14, 2014 - Flippr's initial launch; differentiating the room from the Club Penguin version was a wooden platform on the center of the mountain. The Ski Lift was also removed, and replaced by a second cottage.
  • September 21, 2014 - The wooden platform was removed, and steps were added to make the mountain into two levels. The Ski Lift was re-added, and the second cottage was removed.
  • Flippr 2018 - The steps were removed. The Sport Shop was moved here. The cottage was also made into a Coffee Shop.


Graphical DesignsEdit