Species are playable creatures on Flippr. Ten species are available at launch: Penguin, Puffin, Walrus, Seal, Polar Bear, Arctic Bunny, Snow Leopard, Tundra Lion, Frost Bite, and Fireburn. All species can wear all clothing and participate in all actions. All species adopt Puffles as pets, and still receive all of the features of penguins.

While all species share similar graphical designs, each species has a special set of abilities within the storyline of Flippr. Several Mascots also have unique in-game sprites similar to species that only they can be obtain.

An eleventh species is programmed into the game: Bot. This species can only be obtained by the Bot, and is unlikely to be released in the future. The robot species has a Flippr Hat built into it.

List of SpeciesEdit


Each species has a compliment. The compliment is a similar but different version of the species. While penguins can wear all colors, puffins are its complement, and have a special pattern but no colors. Walruses have tusks, and seals are the opposite color scheme and do not. Polar bears and bunnies are very similar, but bunnies have rabbit ears and pink noses, in contrast to polar bears' blue noses and pointed ears. The Frost Bite is very similar to the Fireburn, just the Fireburn is red and has fire powers, when the Frost Bite is blue and has ice powers. Compliments balance out the game's species into groups.


  • The Bot species was originally set to be included in the game, but was cut for a number of reasons. There was no feasible compliment, and many clothing items didn't fit onto it.
  • Several Mascots have their own sprites like species.
  • Tusk and Herbert P. Bear both technically belong to another species, but have their own unique sprites.
  • Protobot and the Test Bots technically belong to the robot species, but each has its own special sprite.
  • Klutzy is the only special sprite Mascot to not belong to a normal species.
  • Puffles are a species, but not in the same way. Players can adopt and care for them.


In-Game SpritesEdit