Spectrum Puffle

Available Yes
Appeared Flippr Launch 2015
Attitude Silly, Majestic
Favorite toys Crystals, Light Beams
Play action Unknown
Dance Rainbow Swirl
Tongue color Pink
Speed Unknown
Special features Unknown
Elite Puffle Items Unknown
Favorite Games Unknown
ID Unknown

The Spectrum Puffle is a new puffle in Flippr 2015. It was released at the Flippr Launch 2015. It is the seventh Flippr-exclusive puffle.


  • Unlike other puffles, it has hair pulled up in a band.
  • During Puffle Party 2015, you were able to transform into a Spectrum Puffle.
  • The renovated Puffle Hotel Lobby replaces the puffle fountain in the center with a Spectrum Puffle fountain if you are not walking a puffle. If you are walking a puffle, that puffle appears on the fountain.
  • When brushing the Spectrum Puffle, their hair will change into one of seven beta hairstyles.